Dear 2016

  Dear 2016, This year has been the most challenging of my young life. A lot of things happened, good, bad or indifferent I’m grateful for this year to come to a close. We all lived this year, but we must remember we survived it as well. I went through a lot of personal changes […]

Mental Illness is Not A Joke Period.

Mental Illness is not a joke period. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” Recently I noticed how a lot of people are using mental illness to be used as a laughing or joking matter. People also will say we need to “toughen up” not to take things so […]

It’s ok to not be ok

  Over the past month I have been struggling to see the light or even the point in living another day. People have told me on numerous occasions, “You have depression and anxiety it must be all in your head”. If someone came up to you with chest pains asking for help, would you stop […]

My story is never over

In February 2015, I posted a very personal video sharing my story of my suicide attempt I had been up to that point to ashamed to share. Afraid of the stigma, or be seen as “crazy” for admitting I needed help. I had reached a point at the age of 20 years old where I […]